Company Facts

The many ways our family has grown.

Our numbers tell your story

For more than 30 years, we’ve helped people learn more about themselves by connecting them to their past so they can gain meaningful insights to impact their future.

Over 1 billion in revenue

30+ billion records online

Over 22 million people in the world’s largest consumer DNA network

The Big Picture

Ancestry® is the global leader in family history and consumer genomics. Every day, around the world, we help curious people like you embark on journeys of personal discovery.

AncestryDNA®️ is available in more than 60 markets globally

Records from over 80 countries of origin

13+ billion ancestral profiles

Growing every day

Ancestry® currently manages about 10,000 terabytes of data, including records detailing births, marriages, deaths, military service, immigration and much more. This rich collection of information keeps our family coming back for more.

On average, over 1 billion searches are handled by Ancestry servers per month

800 million user generated photos, scanned documents and written stories

More than 3 million paying subscribers and over 125 million family trees on Ancestry

Working For You

Headquartered in Lehi, Utah, Ancestry® also has offices in San Francisco, California; Dublin, Ireland; London and Melksham, England; Sydney, Australia; Toronto, Canada; Grafing (near Munich), Germany; and Paris, France. Our diverse team of technologists, genealogists and scientists go to work each day because we believe in empowering journeys of personal discovery to enrich lives.

Over 1400 employees worldwide

9 offices globally

Specializing in family history and consumer genomics

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We're passionate about using technology to create experiences that enrich lives and connect families.