Informazioni sulla fonte Stati Uniti, Certificati di registrazione consolare, 1907-1918 [database online]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2013.
Dati originali:

Consular Registration Certificates, compiled 1907–1918. ARC ID: 1244186. General Records of the Department of State, 1763–2002, Record Group 59. National Archives at Washington, D.C.

 Stati Uniti, Certificati di registrazione consolare, 1907-1918

Questa raccolta copre gli anni 1907-1918 e include i certificati presentati dai cittadini ai consolati e alle missioni diplomatiche degli Stati Uniti.

Whether naturalized or native born, American citizens who intended to stay in a foreign country for a protracted length of time were required to register with the American consulate and file an "Affidavit to Explain Protracted Foreign Residence and to Overcome Presumption of Expatriation." This collection covers the years 1907–1918 and includes certificates filed by citizens at U.S. consulates and legations. The forms may provide the following details:

  • name of registrant
  • consulate where registered
  • date and place of birth
  • general travel data
  • names, places of birth, and residences of spouse and children
  • registrant's current place of residence

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