Informazioni sulla fonte Germania, Detenuti di Dachau, Beni posseduti al momento dell’entrata, 1933-1945 [database online]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2013.
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 Germania, Detenuti di Dachau, Beni posseduti al momento dell’entrata, 1933-1945

Questo database contiene l’elenco di oltre 2.800 detenuti del campo di concentramento di Dachau e dei beni da loro posseduti e di cui furono espropriati.

This database contains a list of more than 2,800 inmates of the Dachau concentration camp and possessions taken from them. Each detainee’s possessions were stored in an envelope that included the prisoner’s name and other identifying information.

Entries may include the following details:

  • envelope number
  • nationality (see abbreviations)
  • assigned number
  • name
  • date of birth
  • description of item(s)

The following abbreviations may appear in the Nationality field :

AE – prisoners kept for "orientation to work"

AH – political prisoner suspected of having given false identification

I – priority prisoner

Kgf – POW (Russians)

NA – NTR prisoners to be kept in main camp

Nal – to be kept pending completion of investigation

NAL – kgf; POWs to be kept in main camp under special guard

NN – "Nacht und Nebel" (“night and fog”; used to indicate secret military missions)

NTR – to be kept in main camp for further disposition by Gestapo

PF – parson, clergyman

PH – political prisoners arrested before 1939

PVH – Communist from the Spanish Civil War, kept in protective custody

RSP or Ech Rsp – Communist Spanish War Volunteer

SAW – former members of German army sent to camp by order of army HQ

Sch – political prisoner

Sch-J – political prisoner—Jew

VH – priority prisoner (for good conduct)

ZA – civilian workers

ZIG – gypsy

You can learn more about this database at the JewishGen website.