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United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Ebensee, Austria, Documenti sui rifugiati, 1945 [database online]. Lehi, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2021.

This collection was indexed by World Memory Project contributors from the digitized holdings of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, RG-19.027, Records relating to displaced persons in Ebensee, For more information about this collection, click on the collection title above to access the USHMM’s catalog record, or email [email protected].

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Dati originali:

Records relating to displaced persons in Ebensee. RG-19.027. The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington D.C.

 Ebensee, Austria, Documenti sui rifugiati, 1945

Questa raccolta contiene i documenti sui rifugiati provenienti da Evensee in Austria.

History of the Collection

The Ebensee Displaced Persons Camp was in the American occupied zone of Austria, and was comprised of four wooden barracks that had been part of the Ebensee concentration camp. It was established in May of 1945, after the concentration camp was liberated by American forces. Approximately 500 Jews were interspersed among the majority of Polish displaced persons. The camps UNRRA leadership was primarily comprised of Polish citizens, with only one Jew which resulted in tension between the two groups. Jewish inhabitants complained about the administrations discrimination against them. Eventually Jews were relocated to another location.

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  • More information about the Ebensee Displaced Persons Camp is available in the online Holocaust Encyclopedia.