Informazioni sulla fonte Canada, Attestati di addestramento, 1867-1932 [database online]. Lehi, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2016.
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Canada. Department of Militia and Defence. Certificates of Military Instruction [textual records], Sub- subseries R180-128-9-E. Records Relating to Schools of Military Instruction, 1867-1932, Subseries R180-122- 8-E. Department of Militia and Defence Fonds, 1864-1932 [multiple media], Series R180-0-5-E. Library and Archives Canada, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

 Canada, Attestati di addestramento, 1867-1932

Questa raccolta comprende gli attestati rilasciati dalle scuole di addestramento militare. Le informazioni disponibili su ciascun attestato in genere sono il nome e il rango dell’assegnatario, la residenza, il tipo e la data dell’attestato, il nome e l’ubicazione della scuola in cui si è tenuto l’addestramento o l’esame.

About This Collection

A Militia General Order of 25 February 1864 announced that Schools of Military Instruction would be established at Toronto and Quebec "for the purpose of enabling officers of the Militia or candidates for commissions in the Militia, to perfect themselves in a knowledge of their military duties, drill and discipline". Thereafter, it would be necessary for all candidates for commissions in the Service Militia to obtain a certificate from one of the Schools of Military Instruction before the commission could be issued. A First Class Certificate was issued to candidates "who shall have proved to drill and handle a Battalion in the field and who shall have acquired a competent acquaintance with the internal economy of a Battalion." All field officers and adjutants were required to have a First Class Certificate. To receive Second Class Certificates, candidates were required to prove themselves "able to command a company at Battalion drill and to drill a company at 'company's drill' ". Company officers required Second Class Certificates. No candidate would be permitted to stay at a school "for a longer period than three calendar months from the date of his entry." Schools of Gunnery at Quebec and Kingston were authorized by General Order (No. 24 of October 20, 1871) "for the training of all ranks by the Militia artillery." Ten officers, twenty non-commissioned officers and men were selected to join each School of Gunnery "for a 'Short Course' of instruction, to last three months; on the termination of which the Commandant of the School may select from these officers and non-commissioned officers or men, one or more of the most efficient and retain them for a 'Long Course', being an additional period of twelve months" (Regulations and Orders for Militia, 1879, page 210). Four classes of certificates might be issued for the Short Course: the First and Second Class were for officers, the Third and Fourth Class for non-commissioned officers, gunners and drivers. The "long" and "short" system was extended to infantry, cavalry and mounted infantry schools (authorized in 1883) but the types of certificates issued were altered. Certificates were issued for "Long", "Short" and "Special" courses and there were two grades for each type of certificate: "A" for officers, "B" for other ranks. Each type of certificate had 1st and 2nd "classes" (Regulations and Orders, 1883, page 145). The "Special" course was restricted to officers and certificates were granted to officers "passing the required examination for Short Course Certificates after not less than seven days' residence at one of the Permanent Schools of Military Instruction" (Regulations and Orders, 1883, page 147).

The above paragraph was taken from the catalog of the Library and Archives Canada, and is part of the description of series R180-122-8-E.

This collection consists of subseries R180-128-9-E within the above series, and includes certificates granted by Schools of Military Instruction. Details available on each certificate typically include the name and rank of the recipient, residence, certificate type and date, and the name and location of the school where any training and/or examination took place.

Certificates Included in this Collection

  • Artillery and Gunnery Certificates, 1869-1905
  • Certificates From All Schools, 1884-1932
  • Registers of Artillery Certificates, 1895-1900
  • Registers of Certificates of Qualification, 1884-1906
  • Registers of Certificates Issued to Non-Commissioned Officers, 1905-1912
  • Registers of Certificates Issued to Officers, 1895-1916
  • Returns of Men Granted Certificates, 1899-1905