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JewishGen Germania, Passaporti temporanei per ebrei, 1938-1941 [database online]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2015.
Dati originali: This data is provided in partnership with JewishGen website.

 Germania, Passaporti temporanei per ebrei, 1938-1941

Questa raccolta contiene all’incirca 500 nomi tratti dai passaporti che furono rilasciati ad ebrei in Germania nel periodo 1938-1941.

Many Jews were issued passports from the German Government prior to mass deportations. At this time the Gestapo monitored the process to make sure they actually left. This collection contains about 500 passports from the Gestapo. Many of these Jews were preparing to immigrate to Palestine, although these records do not indicate if they were successful in leaving. Some of the other information includes the name, date and place of birth, and residence when they received the passport.

You can learn more about this database at the JewishGen website.