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Graden, Debra. 353° reggimento di fanteria del Kansas della prima guerra mondiale [database online]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2001.
Dati originali: They're from Kansas (353rd Infantry Regiment, 89th division in World War l. Wichita, KS, USA: Historians Machine Gun Company, 1921. Printed and bound by The Eagle Press.

 353° reggimento di fanteria del Kansas della prima guerra mondiale

È un estratto del 353° reggimento di fanteria del Kansas durante la prima guerra mondiale
"They're From Kansas" (353rd Infantry Regiment, 89th Division in World War I)

Capt. Charles F. Dienst,
Historian 353rd Infantry

First Lieut. Clifford Chalmer,
Historian First Battalion

First Lieut. Francis M. Morgan,
Historian Second Battalion

First Lieut. Charles O. Gallenkamp,
Historian Third Battalion

First Lieut. Lloyd H. Benning,
Historian Headquarters Company

First Lieut. Harold F. Brown,
Historian Supply Company

First Lieut. Morton S. Bailey & Second Lieut. William J. Lee,
Historians Machine Gun Company

Wichita, Kansas, Printed & Bound by The Eagle Press, 1921, Copyright The 353rd Infantry Regimental Society.

Even though this is from a history of the 353rd Infantry Regiment, 89th Division, National Army, September 1917 to June 1919 there are more than Kansas residents listed. There are names from Washington State to Virginia to New York and at least one from England.

Calendar organized at Camp Funston, Kansas, 5 September 1917. Left Camp Funston, 26 May 1918. Sailed from Hoboken (111 officers, 3401 enlisted men) on 4 June 1918. Reynal Training Area, France, 24 June 24 - 4 August 1918. Occupation Lucey Sector, 5 August - 12 September 1918. St. Mihiel Offensive, 12-16 September. Euvezin Sector, 16 September - 7 October. Reserve Fifth Corps, 9-19 October. Meuse-Argonne Offensive-Bantheville Woods, 19 October - 1 November. Final drive Meuse-Argonne Offensive, 1 November. Barricourt Woods-Tailly and Army Line, 2 November. Stenay, 11 November. Army of Occupation 24 November-6 May 1919. U.S.S. Leviathan (105 officers, 2533 enlisted men) Port of Brest, France, May 14. U. S. A. 22 May 1919. regrets to inform you that Debra Graden passed away unexpectedly. Photocopies of the original data will no longer be available upon request. We are grateful to Debra for the long hours she contributed to making her databases such useful resources to so many people.

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