Informazioni sulla fonte Children’s Employment Commission, Appendice del secondo rapporto dei commissari del 1842 [database online]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2013. This collection was indexed by Ancestry World Archives Project contributors.
Dati originali: Children’s Employment Commission. Appendix to the Second Report of the Commissioners

 Children’s Employment Commission, Appendice del secondo rapporto dei commissari del 1842

Nel 1840 il parlamento istituì la Royal Commission of Inquiry into Children’s Employment, una commissione reale di indagine sul lavoro dei bambini. Nel 1842 venne rilasciato un rapporto sulle condizioni nelle miniere, seguito da un rapporto sulle condizioni di lavoro dei bambini nel commercio e nelle fabbriche. I rapporti sono basati su centinaia di interviste, la maggior parte delle quali con bambini.

In 1840, Parliament established the Royal Commission of Inquiry into Children’s Employment. A report on conditions in mines was released in 1842, followed by a report on conditions of child workers in trades and factories. The reports were based on hundreds of interviews, most of them with children. This appendix includes interviews for the second report on trades and factories.

Children were asked a wide range of questions, including the following:

  • name
  • age
  • type of work
  • working conditions
  • hours worked
  • pay
  • whether they go to school
  • housing
  • what they ate at home

While most of the interviewees were children, some adults, such as parents and employers, are included as well.

This report can provide an unparalleled—and unvarnished—look into your ancestors’ lives during the Industrial Revolution. Both this report and the earlier report on mines led to changes in laws governing child labor.

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