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United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Chernivtsi, Ucraina, Documenti degli archivi Czernowitz Oblast, 1941-1944 [database online]. Lehi, UT: Operations, Inc., 2023.
Dati originali:

Czernowitz Oblast Archives records. Series RG-31.006M. The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington D.C.

 Chernivtsi, Ucraina, Documenti degli archivi Czernowitz Oblast, 1941-1944

Questo database contiene vari documenti relativi alla ghettizzazione e ad altre forme di persecuzione contro gli ebrei a Czernowitz (Chernivtsi). I documenti si riferiscono all'occupazione rumena della città di Czernovitz e del territorio circostante da parte dell'esercito rumeno.

General collection information

This database contains various documents relating to ghettoization and other forms of persecution against Jews in Czernowitz (Chernivtsi). Records relate to the Romanian occupation of the city of Czernovitz and the surrounding territory by the Romanian military. Subjects include the establishment and maintenance of a wide variety of ghettos and labor camps, the administration of the occupied territory by city and regional administrative agencies, the activities of various police agencies, the confiscation and disposition of Jewish property, and census (name lists) of Jews and others, the individual case files of Jews accused of and punished for infractions of ghetto rules and regulations, deportations to camps, the wearing of the yellow star, the forced labor of Jews, the return of Jews from camps, the Dorohoi deportations, and the denunciations of Jews and communists. The original records are held by the Derz︠h︡avnyĭ arkhiv Chernivet︠s︡ʹkoï oblasti (Chernivtsi Oblast State Archive) in Ukraine.