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United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Romania, Selezione di documenti dell’olocausto, 1940-1945 (USHMM) [database online]. Lehi, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2017.

This collection was indexed by World Memory Project contributors from the digitized holdings of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, RG-25.050M: Selected records from various archives of Romania concerning Roma. For more information about this collection, click on the collection title above to access the USHMM’s catalog record, or email [email protected].

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Dati originali:

Selected records from various archives of Romania concerning Roma. Series RG-25.050M, Reels 1-60. Record Group 25: Romania. The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington D.C.

 Romania, Selezione di documenti dell’olocausto, 1940-1945 (USHMM)

Questo database contiene una selezione di documenti tratti dagli archivi rumeni sulla persecuzione e l’emigrazione durante l’occupazione tedesca che includono elenchi di nomi, schede di registrazione, corrispondenza e così via. La maggior parte dei documenti sono in rumeno e alcuni in ungherese. I documenti originali sono conservati presso gli Archivi nazionali rumeni (Arhivele Naţionale ale României) a Bucarest e varie sedi distaccate degli archivi rumeni, tutte subordinate agli Archivi nazionali rumeni.

This database contains selected records from the Romanian archives on persecution and emigration during the German occupation including name lists, registration cards, correspondence, etc. The majority of records are in Romanian with a few in Hungarian. The original records are held by the Arhivele Naţionale ale României (Romanian National Archives) in Bucharest and from various Romanian branch archives, all subordinated to the Romanian National Archives.

Historical Background

The collection relates to deportations of Roma, both nomadic and sedentary, to Transnistria between the spring and fall of 1942. Twenty-five thousand Roma, 11,000 of them nomadic and 13,000 sedentary, were sent via foot and cart (nomadic) and via train (sedentary) to Transnistria. About 11,000 perished there.

What's in the Records

This collection documents deportations of 25,000 Roma to Transnistria in 1942: contains lists of Roma to be deported; police reports concerning alleged criminal activities; petitions of deportees for repatriation; "Romanianization" of Romas’ property; requests from local officials for clarification of deportation orders; internal correspondence concerning the effect of deportations on the remaining population; decisions regarding Roma refugees from Northern (Hungarian) Transylvania; and other topics such as typhus outbreaks, "vagabondism," "concubinism," and mixed marriages. It also contains from the Hungarian occupation of select cities in Northern Transylvania concerning Roma, such as quarantine for typhus, forced labor, and police investigations.