Informazioni sulla fonte Washington, Stati Uniti, Documenti di matrimonio, 1854-2013 [database online]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2012.
Dati originali: Washington State Archives. Olympia, Washington: Washington State Archives.

 Washington, Stati Uniti, Documenti di matrimonio, 1854-2013

Questo database contiene sia le immagini che gli archivi estratti da diversi documenti di matrimonio a Washington.

This database contains both images of and indexes extracted from various records of marriages in Washington.

What You May Find in the Records

Marriage records can offer a wide range of details. While the indexes in this database may provide the basic facts surrounding a wedding—bride, groom, date, and place—images of marriage certificates may also include additional information such as

  • addresses
  • ages
  • race
  • birthplaces
  • occupations
  • marital status (single, divorced)
  • whether a first marriage
  • fathers’ names and birthplaces
  • mothers’ names, maiden names, and birthplaces

This database does not contain an image for every document included in the index.

20 May 2019: Added 1,388,625 new records.