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JewishGen Polonia: Annunci di decesso di Varsavia del Nasz Przeglad, 1923 e 1937-1938 [database online]. Lehi, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2008.
Dati originali: Warszawa Research Group, comp. Nasz Przeglad. Warsawa, Poland: Nasz Przeglad, 1923-1939. This data is provided in partnership with

 Polonia: Annunci di decesso di Varsavia del Nasz Przeglad, 1923 e 1937-1938

Questo database contiene gli annunci di decesso e dei servizi funebri pubblicati sul giornale ebreo in lingua polacca Nasz Przeglad, dal 1923 al 1937-1938. Le informazioni fornite sono le seguenti: data di pubblicazione, nome del defunto, età al momento del decesso, data del decesso, nome del coniuge e città di residenza.

This database contains death and memorial service notices printed in the Polish language Jewish newspaper, Nasz Przeglad, from 1923 and 1937-1938. This newspaper was published daily in Warszawa from 1923 until August 1939.

About the Database:

The vast majority of information is for Warszawa residents. However, there were also notices for people in other cities in Poland as well as other countries. It is believed that the out-of-country notices were usually for people whose original residence was Warszawa or have family living in Warszaw during the time that the notice was published. Examples of out-of-country notices were for people living in the United States, Palestine, Sweden and Canada.

This database currently contains the 2,762 death notices and includes the following fields. The first three are always present. The remaining fields are recorded if the information is available in the newspaper.

  • Issue Date - the data the newspaper was published

  • Surname - the deceased's surname

  • Given Name - the deceased's given name(s). In a few cases it is derived.

  • Maiden Name - the deceased's maiden name

  • Age - age at death of the deceased

  • Died - the date of death

  • Spouse - the deceased's spouse's given name

  • Town - the town of where the deceased resided at the time of death. This field is left blank for residents of Warsaw.

  • Memorial - an indication if the notice is for a tombstone unveiling or memorial service

Those entries labeled "Memorial Service" come from an advertisement which lists many names with the time and date of the memorial service. Very rarely is there any additional information on the deceased in the memorial service advertisement. For the death notices, however, not all of the available information in the death notice may have been recorded on the database. A review of the original death notice may contain additional information.

Where to Find Copies:

The Nasz Przeglad issues from July 1937 through August 1939 are available at the New York Public Library [call number: *ZY-*P43] (12 reels). The YIVO Library has issues for 1923-1939 [call number Y-96-1543.1-137]; and Harvard's Lamont Library also has the 1923-1939 issues [call # Film NC 435] (39 reels). Copies are also available at the Jewish National and University Library in Jerusalem [call # PV 3236].