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Terry Lasky, et. al., comp. Romania: Censimento degli ebrei, 1942 [database online]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2008.
Dati originali: Tabele Barbatilor. Bucharest, Romania: Archive and Library of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Romania. Fond #: III 400 E/1942. This data is provided in partnership with

 Romania: Censimento degli ebrei, 1942

Gli elenchi originali del Tabele Barbatilor ("Censimento degli uomini") furono compilati nel 1942 durante il regime di Antonescu in Romania. Sono costituiti da tre elenchi distinti. Le informazioni fornite nel database sono le seguenti: nome, luogo e data di nascita, nomi dei genitori, grado di istruzione, professione e residenza.

The original Tabele Barbatilor ("Census of Men") lists were compiled during the Antonescu regime in Romania, in 1942. There are three separate lists:

  • T1: The purpose of the first list was to establish a listing of Jewish males resident in all counties and towns of Romania in that year, and born between the years of 1881-1892 (over 50 years old). These men were not to be compelled to forced labor camps, because of their age.

  • T2: The second list included Jewish males born between 1893-1921 (ages 21-50) and that were living in Bucuresti. These men were assigned to labor details, usually working in the businesses of non-Jews.

  • T3: The third list included Jewish males age 15 and 16 (born June 1, 1926 - May 31, 1928) that were living in Bucuresti. Many were still in school, but some already had professions. They also were not placed in labor details.

About the Database:

The following are the fields in this database, and represent the entire list of data:
  • Name - Family name and first name (Surname, Given Name)

  • Birth Place, County - The town of birth, followed by the county of birth, when given. If the person was born outside of Romania, the county is often the country of birth.

  • Birth Date - Date or year of birth

  • Father / Mother - Father's given name, Mother's given name

  • Education - Level of education

  • Profession - Occupation or trade, translated from Romanian

  • Residence / Address - Place or address of residence - The first (upper) cell represents a residence usually outside of Bucaresti; The second (lower) cell represents an address in Bucuresti.

  • Assigned Labor - Labor detail to which the person was assigned

  • Census # - Census number assigned to the person

20 May 2021: Additional records created though database improvements.