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Heir or not?

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This may not be the correct forum, but is the closest I could find to what I needed.

I recently found the probate records for my 3rd great-grandfather and have a general question as to his heirs.

This man had 4 daughters, I'll refer to them as A, B, C, and D. "A" apparently predeceased him; "B" and "C" were living at the time he died and "D" was born 6 months after his death. The early documents in the probate file list his heirs as his widow and the daughters "B" and "C" who were living at the time of his death.

By the time the estate was finalized 3 years later, daughter "B" had died. His heirs then were listed as the widow, daughter "C" and daughter "B (deceased)". How can the deceased daughter still be considered an heir and daughter "D", born after his death and still very much alive, is not even mentioned? Is it because she was born after his death?

If it makes a difference, he died in 1851 in St. Louis, Missouri.
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