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My father and I are the only Fehily's i know

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Re: My father and I are the only Fehily's i know

Bryan Fehily (Visualizza annunci)
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Hello Alannah,
What a surprise to hear from someone after this time. I had forgotten about the message board completely. What can I tell you, my father Patrick, was born in 1912 and grew up in the Ballineen area. Sadly he died in June 1987 just three weeks after the birth of my son, Patrick (that name again). I have a younger brother Peter and three sisters and it is here I think you will get the most help as my memories are a little sketchy. After Dad died my sister Eileen took my mum to Ireland to see where Dad grew up and to see what remained of his family there.She found out a great deal of family history, that there were two Fehily families in Ballineen, and much more. When Mum died the archive stuff she had hoarded was kept by Eileen and another sister Patsy. I have spoken to Eileen and she would be more than happy to help you with your research so can I suggest you e-mail her at eileen.fehily@ntlworld.com. I have told her I am giving you her e-mail so she is expecting your message if you decide to delve further. I hope you find the answers you seek and who knows, we may have blood ties.......... Good luck. Bryan.
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