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Willson's of Queen Anne's County

Willson's of Queen Anne's County

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I am looking for any information on The Willson family of Queen Anne's County.

Willson of Queen Anne's County

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Could you give the names of a specific married couple with their dates and places of birth, marriage, and death--as much as you have?

Re: Willson's of Queen Anne's County

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I found this article last month and it was a major break through in my research. Here is a transcript:

Baltimore Sun Oct. 14, 1906

Maryland Heraldry - Prominent Personages In The State's History - The Prince George's Halls - Their Home Is At Pleasant Hill, In that County, And At Holingly, In Queen Anne's

Mary Theresa Hall, daughter of Francis and Martha (Neale) Hall, married August 6, 1776, Dr. Thomas Bennett Willson, of Queen Anne's County. Mary Theresa Hall Willson died August 10, 1814 and is buried at Overton, Queen Anne's County. Her father, Francis Hall, was born in 1732 and died February 12, 1798.

Dr. Thomas Bennett and Mary Theresa Hall Willson had five children, namely: Francis Hall Willson, Thomas Willson, Richard A. Willson, Martha Theresa Willson, and Edward Willson. Of these, (1) Francis Hall Willson married Susan Dafney of Caroline County. Their children were (a) Elizabeth Ann Willson, who died unmarried; (b) Mary Willson, who married first William Ringgold, and second, Charles Hobbs; (c) Thomas Willson.

(2) Richard A Willson married Anna Matilda Coale and their children were (a) Richard Coale Willson, (b) Anna Matilda Willson, (c) Katharine M Willson, (d) William Willson, (e) Edward Francis Willson (f) Charles B Willson, (g) Thos. B Willson, (h) Mary Theresa Hall Willson.

(3) Martha Theresa Willson married Charles Cochrane Browne. Their children were (a) Mary Elizabeth Browne, (b) Charles Cochrane Browne, who married Mary Elizabeth Willson; (c) Sarah E Browne, who married Joseph Bennett Granger Mitchell (?); (d) Ellen E. M. Browne who married Dr. Thomas Smythe Willson; (e) Robert Browne, (f) Elizabeth Browne; (g) Anna Browne; (h) Louisa Browne.

(4) Edward Willson married Henrietta Brooke, of Frederick County. They had two children (a) Mary Willson, who married John Crump, of Vicksburg (note: Mississippi); and (b) Henrietta Brooke Willson, who married Col. James Rice Creecy. The children of the later were Charles Eaton Creecy, who married Sallie Fenwick, and Edward Willson Creecy, who married Margaret Ignatia Browne.

(5) Dr. Thomas Willson married Anna Maria Smythe as his first wife. Their children were (a) Thomas Smythe Willson, who married Ellen E M Browne; (b) James Henry Willson, who married first Elizabeth Lawson Browne, and second, Mary Clara McCubbin; (c) George Hayward Willson, who married Henrietta Eleanor Brooke; (d) Anna Maria Smyth Willson, who married Nathaniel Thornton Hynson; (e) Mary Elizabeth Willson, who married Charles Cochrane Browne, (f) William Edward Willson, who died unmarried; (g) John Charles Willson, who married Ann Elizabeth Brooke; (h) Richard Bennett Willson, who married Ann Martha Young; (i) Alexander Willson; (j) Robert Willson, both of whom died in infancy.

Dr. Thomas Willson married second (after the death of Anna Maria Smythe), Mary A (Hill) Brooke, daughter of Henry and Hester Brooke Hill and widow of James Brooke, of Kent County. They had four children. (a) Charles Joseph Willson, who died young. (b) Daniel Carroll Willson, who married Joesphine Hall Darnall; (c) Martha Neale Willson; (d) Alexander Hopkins Willson, who married Mary Tilden Brown.

There is some rare old silver in possession of the Hall descendants, and upon a massive silver plater is engraved the coat of arms of the family.

Among living descendants of the Hall family are the Halls of Prince George's county, the Clarke Bowies, the MacGregors, Mrs. Somerville Bowie, Mrs. Somerville Dorsett, Mrs. L M Keith and Miss Murdock of Georgetown, DC. Mr. Charles Eaton Creecy and Mr. and Mrs. Edward Willson Creecy of Washington, DC. Mrs. William E Hamilton, of Houston TX, Mr George Hayward Willson, of San Francisco, Mrs Babcock, San Rafael, Cal. Mrs. Henrietta DeCourey May and her daughter. Lady Lillian Baget of England, Mr. George Mar, Mr. Deourcy May, Mrs. John S. Gittings, Dr. Bennett Bernard Browne, Mrs. Charles T Crane, Mrs. D C Woods, Miss Charolette Ewell, Mr. Frederick De Salles Willson of Cristobel Panama, Mrs. Elizabeth Hill Camp, Mr. James Brooke Willson, Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Bennett Willson, Mrs. James Ringgold, Miss Martha Neale Willson, Mrs. Thomas Embert, Mr. Charles Carroll Willson, Mr. THomas J Ewell of Baltimore, Misses Alice Mand and Elenor Mildred Ewell, the Ewell's of Prince William and Green Counties, Virginia. Dr. Evelyn Masteller. Mr M V Mason, Miss Nellie Willson, Mr. Notier Oswald Willson, Mr Richard Bennett Willson, Dr. William Henry DeCoure, Mrs T Reverdy Sasscer and Mesdames John N and J Perry Willson of Prince George's County. Capt. Charles R Belt of Calvert County. Mrs. Victoria Belt Kent. Mr. S Sprigg Beit, Mr. W Seton Kent, all of Washington. Mr Charles Yates Kent of New York, Mr. Benjamin Lee Belt of Prince George's County. Mr George Green Belt of Alaska, besides many others whose names are omitted owing to lack of space.

The data for the above sketch was collected by an Eastern Shore descendant of the Hall family, assisted by the Misses Eleanor Mildred and Alice Maud Ewell, of Prince William County, Virginia. The arms and crest are copied from old silver plates still in the possession of the family, but upon which the tinctures are not indicated.
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