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valley cantu's

valley cantu's

Delia Gomez (Visualizza annunci)
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Still searching for information on Cantu's in the Harlingen, Rio Hondo and as far as Willacy County areas in the Rio Greande Valley. Great Grandfather's name was Ignacio Cantu, the only brother of Adelaido Cantu. Any help at all would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Some Valley Cantu's

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I am related to Cantu through marriage and am just starting to do research on that line of the family.
Angela (Maria De Los Angeles?) Cantu and Cesario Cantu were brother and sister. There probably more in the family but they are all I know of. They were born in Cadereyta, Nuevo Leon around the 1870's and came to the San Benito area in the very early 1900's.

Cesario was married to Juanita (last name unknown to me) and had Francisco, Isabel, Concepcion and another child. Francisco married Julia Rodriguez and had Francisco Jr., Gustavo, and Lupita (now a nun in San Antonio, Texas). Francisco is married to Belia Valdez, have 3 girls and live in San Benito, Texas. Gustavo (now deceased) married Rebecca Rodriguez, had three girls and a son Gustavo, Jr., living in San Benito also.
Angela Cantu married Rosario Montalvo and had Emilia (married Manuel De La Pena), Rosario Jr.(now deceased, married Ignacia Nerio)Jesus(deceased) married San Juanita (last named not known to me) and had Alfredo, Eduvina and Roberto, also around San Benito. Jose married Severina Garza and had Isaac and Emiliano (both now deceased)and Maria De Los Angeles, about whom I don't havr much information.
I imagine there are other Cantu's in the area. I have records of many Cantu's in Cadereyta, as well as Rios', Rodriguezes, Trevino's etc but I am missing the links which are the parents of Cesario and Angela to connect them to those Cantu's in Cadereyta and Monterrey, Cerralvo and surrounding towns in northern Mexico.
My own line is Martinez, traceable to Spanish soldier Francisco Martinez (born in 1803) in Nacogdoches, Texas in 1819.

If these Cantu's are of interest to you, I can provide other names or try to put you in touch with them. If you have any information you wish to share I would appreciate it very much. My e-mail is amart2@prodigy.net

Re: valley cantu's

Rene Navarro (Visualizza annunci)
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Have you by chance heard of a Julian Cantu/Navarro married to a Dolores Lolita Silva. Of HarlingenHe died around 1939? Their son Narcisso Navarro. She was born 1874-1972? email me at hstarwlkr@yahoo.com

Re: valley cantu's

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well i know there is a little town just outside of roma or rio grande city...i think its called fronton idk but almost everyones last name is cantu and is family...

Re: Some Valley Cantu's

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Is may be possible that your Cesario Cantu was the son of Cesario Cantu and Ignacia Cantu (married 16 sep 1881 in Monterrey. In the 1930 Census of Monterrey Cesario and Ignacia had these Cantu's living with them:

Ignacio Cantu M 44a
Angela Cantu F 40a
Cesario Cantu M 35a
Teresa Perales F 25a
Margarita Perales F 10a
Esperirion Perales M 2a

I don't know who the Perales were.

Re: Some Valley Cantu's

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Angela Montalvo was born in 1889 to Rosario Montalvo and Maria de Los Angeles Cantu in Cadereyta. The record states that Maria de Los Angeles Cantu was the daughter of Juan Cantu and Francisca de Leon.

Good luck in your research !!!
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