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Elizabeth Decamp, Coshocton, Ohio, Cherokee Indian?

Elizabeth Decamp, Coshocton, Ohio, Cherokee Indian?

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Cognomi: Decamp, Bechtel
I am searching for the parents and/or siblings of my great great grandmother Elizabeth DeCamp born in 1833 (maybe December) in PA. In all the censuses that she appears she states she was born in PA as well as her parents. She died in March 4, 1892 in Coshocton County, Ohio and is buried in Stilwell Cemetery. On November 6, 1853 she married John Bechtel in Coshocton, Ohio. The couple had 10 children. They lived all of their married lives in Coshocton, Ohio. Their last address was Tiverton Township, Coshocton, Ohio. Elizabeth's daughter, Artie Macie (my great grandmother), told everyone that her mother was a full blooded Cherokee Indian. Also I have confirmation that one of Elizabeth's sons, Samuel, told his family that his mother was a full blooded Cherokee Indian also. If anyone knows anything about Elizabeth Decamp and her heritage it would be greatly appreciated. (One more piece of puzzling information is that Elizabeth Decamp's husband John Bechtel had an older brother named Abraham Bechtel. He married a woman named Rachel Decamp (born 1830) in Coshocton, Ohio also. Are these 2 women related?).

Re: Elizabeth Decamp, Coshocton, Ohio, Cherokee Indian?

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Classificazione: Domanda
Cognomi: Decamp, Becktel
1880 OH Coshocton Co Tiverton
Bechstol John 53 farmer PA PA MD
Bechstol Elizabeth 47 wife PA PA PA
Bechstol Louisa 21 dau OH
Bechstol Alford 17 son OH
Bechstol David 15 son OH
Bechstol Eliza A 13 dau OH
Bechstol Artissca 11 dau OH
Bechstol Ulysis 0 son OH
Bechstol Samuel 7 son OH
Bechstol John W 2 OH

1870 OH Coshocton Co Tiverton tsp
Bechtel John 45 farming PA
Bechtel Elizabeth 37 PA
Bechtel Leander 15 OH
Bechtel Louisa 12 OH
Bechtel Alfred 8 OH
Bechtel David 6 OH
Bechtel Elzina A 4 OH
Bechtel Artenisia 1 OH

1860 OH Coshocton Adams tsp
John Beckel 38 farm laborer OH
Elizabeth Beckel 28 PA
Leander Beckel 5 OH
Louisa Beckel 2 OH
Francis Beckel 5/12 OH

1860 OH Coshocton Co White eyes
(see 1850 census-father of John?)
Martin Bechtel 68 farmer PA
Elizabeth Bechtel 29 VA?
Elizabeth Bechtel 26 OH

1850 census
althought there are Camp and Decamp and Dcamp in Coshocton co I do not find Elizabeth.

1850 OH Coshocton Co White Eyes tsp
Aaron DCamp(not Decamp) 60 farmer PA
Sarah DCamp 56 PA
Rachel DCamp 30 PA
John DCamp 27 PA
Joel DCamp 24 PA
Daniel DCamp 23 PA
SarahAnn DCamp 22 PA
Aaron DCamp 21 PA
Nancy DCamp 12 OH
Lucinda DCamp 8 OH
(maybe they forgot Elizabeth?)

I'm not sure about this one:
1850 OH Coshocton Adams
John Bicksler 27 laborer PA
Anne Bicksler 24 PA
Burfinley Bicksler 1 OH
Nancy J Haley 14 OH
Wm Hender/Kender 17 OH laborer

This family matches the birth locations for John's parents:
1850 OH Tuscarawas Co Bucks
Martin Becktel 60 farme PA
Elizabeth Becktel 59 MD
John Becktel 25 PA
Martin Becktel 24 PA
Elizah? Becktel 20 PA
Amelia Becktel 19 OH
Elizabeth Becktel 16 OH

This is all I could find. I'm sorry I couldn't be of more help. This is not my family.
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