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Van Swearingen, Lurana B:15 Oct 1713 Gx7

Van Swearingen, Lurana B:15 Oct 1713 Gx7

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New to all this and just starting working on our family. Information has been passed down in the family. Lurana Susan Van Swearingen(Thomas Jr daughter) is my Gx7 Grandmother on my grandmothers side. She married Rev Edward Teague, Jr abt: 1739 Teggs Delight, Cecil, Maryland. Does anyone have any pictures or information to share, I would appreciate any given and will gladly exchange any information that I have. I also have Teague/Tegg/Teage, Lunsford, Stafford, & Fox in our family. Teague/Van Swearingen/Fox/Munday on my grandmothers side, and Stafford/Lunsford/Reese/Foster on my grandfathers side.
Debra Stafford Henefield

Re: Van Swearingen, Lurana B:15 Oct 1713 Gx7

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I am also a Teague descendant through two lines.

There is alot of confusion about which Edward Teague. In 1948, a monument was built at the old New House Baptist Church location (now the Teague-Munday cemetery) on HWY 127 in Alexander County, North Carolina. Out of date info on it.

David Cherry put out a Teague genealogy in the late 70's called "Cousins By The Dozens" and made some corrections.

Edward Teague, Sr. (not Rev. or Baptist preacher) married Lurannah Swearingen, daughter of Thomas Swearingen II and Lydia Jane Riley.

Edward Teague, Jr. (b. 1742 in Frederick Co, VA) married Sarah (Price ?). He was actually the Baptist elder and preacher who founded New Meeting House Baptist Church in Burke (later Alex. Co), NC.

Edward Teague, Jr. had a brother named Van Swearingen Teague, Sr. (b. 1744 in Frederick Co, VA) who moved with his brothers Edward, Jr. and John to Burke County, NC. After 1796, he moved to Christian Co, Kentucky. I know a descendant of this line.

I descend through two lines from Edward Teague, Jr.'s son, Moses Teague (b. 1776 Chatham Co, NC) and wife Katie Payne/Paine from Spottsylvania County, Virginia.

The Teague family (the brothers), including Edward, Sr. and his wife Lurannah Swearingen were all Church of England. They became Baptists during the awakening at Sandy Creek and Abbotts Creek in North Carolina in the mid-1750's. Elijah Teague (brother of Edward Teague, Sr.) donated land for Abbotts Creek Baptist Church.

There is a third Edward Teague (married to Peggy McDaniel) who lived in Chatham County who is usually listed as the son of Edward, Sr. and Lurannah Swearingen. This is a mistake! He is actually too young, but may be the oldest son of Edward Teague, Jr. and Sarah (Price ?), making him a grandson of Edward, Sr. and Lurannah S.

If you're interested in more, I'm happy to share and have some pictures of the Edward Teague monument and other pics. David Cline.

Re: Van Swearingen, Luranna B:15 Oct 1713 Gx7

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Ok, I was looking at those dates myself and wondering about it. I grew up there in Hickory, NC and have been to the familys Teague-Munday Cemetery a long time ago. I have also been to Nimrod Lunsford Sr & Jr. also (on the other side of the family.) But from what I have found is:
Wilkes Co., NC Records 7/13/1799
Rev. Edward Teague Jr. of Burke Co., (its was changed to Alexander Co. in 1847) sold to Zacheas Barnes 100 acres of land on both sides of the Lower Little River near the New Metting House Baptist Church.
Sources: Title: Burke Co., NC, Land Records and More Important Misc. Records 1751-1809 Vol III. Author: Edith Warren Huggins, Publication: Southern Historical Press Inc., 1987, pg 31.
Alexander Co. was formed from Burke in 1847. As for the log New Meeting House Baptist Church, It burned in 1825 (Burke Co.) (It stood where the Munday graveyard is now in the Ellendale Twnshp, NC.) The next year Antioch Baptist Church was organized and absorbed the membership of the NMHBC congregation. If you would like I can send you a copy of the contents of the Book: Coming of the Teagues to Western NC, this also has the Elders & Deacons listed. It was fwd by a member of the Teague family. I have pictures from that book of James Michael Teague & family, Moses Teague & Wife Mahala. I am thru Edward 1720, Moses 1777, Michael, Andrew J. Teague 1829-1865 (POW Confederate at Elmira Prison, Elmira, NY and died there. A memory stone was put in the cemetery beside his wife Lavania at the Teague-Munday cemetery.) Martha Elizabeth Teague Stafford 1861, Perry Frank Stafford 1889, my ggrandfather. I am trying to get as many pictures that I can of family to put in my Notebooks for the family with some history & other notes. So, any pictures of family would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks for the reply,
Take care & God Bless,

Debbi Stafford Henefield

Re: Van Swearingen, Luranna B:15 Oct 1713 Gx7

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I am searching for more information on Luranna Van Swearingen who was married to my direct ancestor Edward Teague in 1740 Chatham Co.NC. Edward was the son of William Teague & Isabella Pennington. I have she was born 1713 in Queen Anne, Prince George Co. MD and died 1791 Burkes Co. NC.
I was told by One researcher that her parents were Thomas Van Swearingen and Lydia Jane Riley. Does anyone have any information from Prince George County MD about the Swearingen family? Namely Thomas & Lydia and their children.
I would appreciate any help I could get
Thank you,

Re: Van Swearingen, Lurana B:15 Oct 1713 Gx7

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David, you made more sense to me about this line, and you are right about the Edward Teagues. (I have this one particular one Edward Teague b.1746, m. Peggy McDaniel) I have him listed as a son of Edward and Luranna Swearingen.
Could you please be more specific, and tell me where he belongs? Van Swearingen b. 1744 is listed as the brother just older than this Edward b.1746, And John is just younger, b. 1748. Looks to me like it all fits. What am I missing?


Re: Van Swearingen, Lurana B:15 Oct 1713 Gx7

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David, this all seems to make more sense the way you have layed things out. I am looking to get confirmation on Rebecca Teague 1781-1849. She was married to Nathan Austin 1777-1853. Their son Nathan Austin married Mary (Barnes). Nathan and Mary's daughter married my GGGrandfather Reuben Fishburn in Missouri.

I have struggled to find actual documentation to support any of the convoluded family trees I am finding. Any help would be appreciated
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