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Any Schulenberg information

Any Schulenberg information

Cliff Crenshaw (Visualizza annunci)
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Would appreciate any information on Schulenbergs. Grandmother was Nell. Born ca 1900. She lived, in rural Independence, Missouri. Married William F. Liddle. No other information available at this time. Thanks.


Christina Meinershagen (Visualizza annunci)
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My maiden name is Schulenberg and I have just begun my research on my family. My grandfather was Roy H. Schulenberg. He was born July 4, 1891. He married LouBelle Smith. We lived in Independence, Missouri. Is it possible that your grandmother could have been my grandfather's sister? My father's name was Lee Roy Schulenberg, he has a brother Chester Schulenberg. Thanks for the info.

Schulenbergs in MO, OH and CA

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I was a part of the SCHULENBERG family
by marriage and now am doing research for my
children. The branch I am tracing goes back
to Auglaize County in Ohio; I have seen
buildings in Wapakoneta with the family's
name on them. Our branch came west in 1920s
to work in the oil fields in So. CA and
stayed here.
I recently met a woman tracing the SCHULENBERG name
in MO and would like to have her contact this
site. Until this contact, I had no idea of
other places to search. Now I have this site---
the name is not very common.
I would like to know where in Germany
the various sets SCHULENBERGs originated.
Are we tracing branches of the same tree?
Let's share information.
Nancy Howard, Studio City CA

Method Of Direct Contact?

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I posted the previous message and now
realize I am not sure how we contact
each other OFF the list if the emails
are not shown. Are posters on an automatic
notification system? If not, I'll keep my
fingers crossed that the previous posters check back
to the site soon!
Nancy Howard

Schulenberg - Conrad

Laurel S. Powell (Visualizza annunci)
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Richard William Schulenberg born 1 Dec 1889 in Bisbee, ND, died 28 May 1952 in Portland, OR, married Alma Retiza Conrad born 16 Oct 1886 in Fredericktown, MO, died 4 Apr 1946 in Portland, OR, d/o Charles Edgar Conrad born 25 Apr 1858-9 in Hagerstown, MD, died 1 Mar 1932 in Columbia, MO. Mary Elizabeth Ferguson born 30 Nov 1864 in Knoblick, MO., died in Portland, OR. Am interested in the Conrad Family. Did Charles Edgar/Edward Conrad, father of Alma Retiza Conrad b. 1886, marry (1st) Indian lady by the name of "Sings In the Middle"; (2nd) Alicia Davenport (1860-1923); perhaps (3rd) or another liason Mary Eliz. Ferguson (1864- ). There is a tradition in the family of an Indian connection— There was a Charles Edward Conrad Sr. (1850-1902) who was the son of James Warren Conrad (1812-1894) of the Warren Plantation in Virginia and Maria Saline Ashby (1827-1904) who married (1st) Sings in the Middle (2nd) Alicia Davenport (1860-1923)

Research of the Schulenberg name

Summer Schulenberg (Visualizza annunci)
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My last name is Schulenberg and my parents and i have been trying to find some family my parents names are Rick and lynnette Schulenberg we also live near my grandparents who are Arlene and Don Schulenberg 2 years ago my dad went to Germany and looked up Schulenbergs ancestors while he was there he found a castle in Germany called the Schulenberg castle we also found out that Schulenberg in German means school on a mountain. If you have any information please reply Thanks Summer Schulenberg

Schulenberg of Independence

Ed Schulenberg (Visualizza annunci)
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My Schulenbergs are from Independence, MO as I am also.
I note several inquiries regarding Independence.
If you have some dates and names I believe that I can
connect back to Germany. Our family is from the Hanover
area and my branch came to the US circa 1850.
Ed in NE

Schulenberg surname

David Schulenberg (Visualizza annunci)
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Well, I am helping my mother get information on the Schulenberg name. My side of the family settled in the Minnesota area. I was able to find information on the immigrant ships that they came over on. At this point I am stuck. I can not find amy links or informaiton on researching them in Germany. Any tips?

Schulenberg family

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Just found your Post at Ancestry.com My grandmother was Virginia Schulenberg Waters, She would have been a cousin of yours I believe, I have done much research on the family and would love to share and compare notes! I am supprised to find so many are on line looking for this family (Glad) Hope to hear from you! Dave

Schulenbergs of Indep Mo.

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I may have mixed up messages, with you and Ed ,Roy was my Grandmothers uncle, My great great uncle. I have photos of him and my mother. She was very fond of him. I Know he loved his roses!Would love to share info>
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