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Joseph Tillman Spruill ( - );Ga(?)

Joseph Tillman Spruill ( - );Ga(?)

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source note 1: Maxine Light Jarrells(1933-2000)

I'm looking for additional data on the following:

DIED: living 1910
ADD. SP: Married ??? ???;
SOURCES: Other...data supplied by source note 1, 3 Apr 1997
BORN: 30 Dec 1858 probably, Fulton Co GA
MARR: 15 Feb 1906
DIED: 18 Jul 1943
ADD. SP: Married 24 Dec 1879 Fransco Alonzo HOLBROOK (Holbrock);
FATHER: Dr. George R(aiborn(?)) JARRELL b:11 Dec 1831, Henry Co GA;
d:18 Nov 1879, Atlanta, Fulton Co GA;
child #1 of Enoch JARRELL and Martha MILNER.
MOTHER: "Jackalina" Jacuelyn Telephus ARENDALL b:15 Mar 1841,
Dunwoody, De Kalb Co GA; d:23 May 1924, Fulton Co GA;
child of Laughlin ARENDALL and Susannah EVANS.
SOURCES: Other...data supplied by source note 1, 3 Apr 1997
1 | NAME: Thelma Christine SPRUILL
| DIED: living 1910
| SRCE: Other...data supplied by source note 1, 2 Apr 1997

If you can add, subtract, delete, change any of the above data please
advise. If you have any questions about the data feel free to ask!

Wiley Alston Jarrell
15610 Edenvale
Friendswood Tx, 77546
281-482-3671 <><

Re: Joseph Tillman Spruill ( - );Ga(?)

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Here is what I have. . .

1. Joseph T. Spruill-[23808] ,1 son of James T. Spruill -[3414] and Mollie Jane Adams -[3415], was born on 22 May 1847 in Georgia, died on 18 Apr 1931 in Georgia, at age 83, and was buried in Apr 1931 in Stephen Martin Graveyard, Dekalb County, Georgia. Ancestral File Number: 198N-RB8.

Noted events in his life were:

• He appeared on the census in 1870 in Cross Keys Dist, DeKalb County, Georgia.

• He appeared on the census in 1920 in Shallow Ford, DeKalb County, Georgia.

Joseph married Sophia Caroline Martin -[23803] [MRIN:6742569], daughter of Stephen G. Martin -[23756] and Sarah Cahela -[23800], about 1870 in Georgia.

Children from this marriage were:

2 M i. James T. Spruill-[23810] was born about 1871 in Georgia.

3 M ii. William S. Spruill-[7831] was born on 18 May 1881 in Georgia, died on 16 Nov 1929 in Georgia, at age 48, and was buried in Stephen Martin Graveyard, Dekalb County, Georgia.

4 F iii. Margaret L. Spruill-[23811] was born about 1872 in Georgia.

5 M iv. John S. Spruill-[23812] was born about 1876 in Georgia.

6 F v. Sarah Cordelia Spruill-[23809] was born on 21 Jul 1877 in Georgia, died on 21 Jul 1878 in Georgia, at age 1, and was buried in Jul 1878 in Stephen Martin Graveyard, Dekalb County, Georgia.

7 F vi. Ellen L. Spruill-[23813] was born about 1879 in Georgia.

8 F vii. Julie Ann Spruill-[23814] was born about 1881 in Georgia.

9 F viii. Rosa Spruill-[23815] was born about 1885 in Georgia.

+ 10 M ix. Noila Spruill-[23816] was born on 3 Dec 1887 in Georgia and died on 31 Dec 1959, at age 72.

Joseph next married Susan Hollbrook -[3436] [MRIN:1242].

Second Generation (Children)


10. Noila Spruill-[23816] (Joseph T.1) was born on 3 Dec 1887 in Georgia and died on 31 Dec 1959, at age 72.

Re: Joseph Tillman Spruill ( - );Ga(?)

Claudia Jill Spruill Griffin (Visualizza annunci)
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Joseph Tillman Spruill is my great grandfather. He was married to Sophia Caroline Martin and later to my (other) great grandmother, Susan Ada Jarrell Holbrook Spruill. Yes, Joseph and Susan married (15 Feb 1906) after both their first spouses (Sophia Caroline Martin and Fransco Alonzo Holbrook) passed away.

My grandfather Nolia (pronounced Nollie) and Nina May Holbrook married each other 27 May 1906, they had...

T A (Tillman Alonzo) Spruill b 31 Jul 1907 d 13 Mar 1992
Elbert Franklin Spruill b 6 Apr 1909 d 4 Mar 1910
Thelma Christine Spruill b 7 Oct 1910 d 3 Mar 1933
Harvie Sanford Spruill 12 Jan 1913
Charles Cecil Spruill b 7 Jun 1916
Edwin Nolia Spruill b 6 Nov 1921 (My Dad) d 31 Dec 1980

Susan and Fransco Alonzo had...
Nellie Othaola Holbrook 17 Nov 1881
Frankie Arthur Holbrook b 31 Aug 1883
Charles Elbirt Holbrook b 19 Sep 1886
Nina May Holbrook b 9 May 1889 (My grandmother)
Sarah Talnephus Holbrook b 4 Apr 1891

( I am still looking for more information on my great grandfather, Fransco Alonzo Holbrook)

Claudia Jill Spruill Griffin
Edwin Nolia Spruill
Nolia Spruill
Joseph Tillman Spruill
James T Spruill
Stephen Spruill
John Spruill
William Spruill
Samuel William Spruill Jr
Samuel William Spruill Sr
Dr Godfrey Spruill

E-mail me if I can help

Re: Joseph Tillman Spruill ( - );Ga(?)

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My great grand mother Charlsie Mesina Powers married James Tillman Spruill who was the son of Joseph. James and Joseph are buried in martin cemetary in dekalb county
If you will call me 770-964-7-2394 i will gladly give you more details. I have all Joseph's children and wife and dates. I also have pix of cemetary tombstones. James was dead before I was born but i have a pix of me , my mother , Chessie Kansas Spruill ( grandmother) and Charlsie. I would like any data you have on josephs relatives.

Re: Joseph Tillman Spruill ( - );Ga(?)

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Cognomi: Jarrell
Thank you so much for your offer; however<G>.

I'm an obsessive collector of JARRELL data and
that's my interest in the SPRUILL line. Ordinarily
I would have forwarded your data to my source
but she died in 1999.

I do appreciate your response.

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I collect JARRELL data (all variations, including JARRETT, JARRIEL,
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We have a ListServer with over 300 persons participating and I have
approximately 17,500 JARRELLs (all spelling variations) in my data.

Needless to say there is not cost involved except your time and
your data.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you!
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