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Raap Family

Raap Family

Nicole Brooker (Visualizza annunci)
Inviato: 967631673000
My grandmother was born in Holland and her Maiden names is Raap. Her family was in 2 different concentration camps, Bergen Belzen and Westerberg. If you think you might be related please let me know.

Contact Me!

Steve Wilhelmi (Visualizza annunci)
Inviato: 980777780000
Please contact me at wilhelmi@execpc.com about the Raap family Tree. I may have information.

Thanks, Steve Wilhelmi

Re: Contact Me!

Mary Duranth (Visualizza annunci)
Inviato: 1088191366000
Classificazione: Domanda
Cognomi: Gaul (maiden) and Raap (Married)
My name is Mary. I was born at Ravenswood Medical Center in Chicago, Ill on April 29, 1977. I have had 3 other names (this is my married name) and it may be a longshot, but I am looking for my mother, Margaret Francine Gaul/Raap, and was wondering if you knew anything about her. Her husband was Robert Raap, and were divorced after he found out I was William Cullum's child. (At least that's what I heard) My names were Mary Ellen Raap, Mary Ellen Cullum, Mary Ann Collins, and now, my married name is Mary Ann Duranth. If you have any information about any of this, please let me know. Thank you for any help you can give.
Inviato: 1298215681000
Classificazione: Domanda
Cognomi: Rapp, Cullum, Gaul
The man who is listed on my first birth certificate is Robert Raap, but he is not my biological father. The spelling may even be Rapp. I don't know much about this side of the family (my mothers' side), only they were or are still in the Chicago area.
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