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Marilyn Gregory Fisher (Visualizza annunci)
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Still searching for info on the family of Nancy Slagle b. abt 1860 d. abt 1885 in Wayne Co., 2nd wife of Claiborn H. Gregory, Jr.
Does anyone connect to the following family??
Suzie Slagle m. Walter Decker in Wayne Co. (1st wife)
Sarah "Sarrie" Slagle m. Luke Gregory
Charlie Slagle
Bryant Slagle
Not sure of birth dates, but they would have been between the ages of 25 - 40 in the 1920's. These are brothers and sisters, does anyone know who their parents were?
Thanks for your help!
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The chart here-in gives the parents, maybe you will have the resource to confirm. Dale Jones <santaman@ezy.net>
Descendants of Moses Slagle

1 Moses SLAGLE
.. +Elizabeth SLAGLE Father: George SLAGLE Mother: Sarah PRIVITT
......... 2 Bryant SLAGLE
............. +Ruby DANIEL b: Abt. 1907 Father: William Wesley "Will" DANIEL Mother: Mary E. STEPHENS
......... 2 Charlie SLAGLE
......... 2 Frank SLAGLE
......... 2 Suzie SLAGLE
......... 2 Sarah SLAGLE


Marilyn Fisher (Visualizza annunci)
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Back in 1998 I was clueless regarding this Slagle family. I have since done extensive research on these Slagles. The people mentioned in my original query were all Slagles who would visit my granddad Emberson Gregory back in the 1920's (he died in 1929). Emberson's mother was a Nancy Slagle (parents unknown)....I can not connect Nancy to these children of Moses & Elizabeth Slagle. Yet, my mom remembered that these folks would stop in to visit her dad. Suzie Slagle and Walter Decker were married in my granddad's home.
I would really like to find out who was Nancy Slagle??
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Marilyn; Thanks for your comments. I know your are not a new comer to family research. I enjoyed your work on your web site. Nancy Slagle does seem to be a problem. Has yoour search taken you to the neigboring counties? She was born at a time when the census should have her listed. I had a case with the Frost family where the widowed Elizabeth Tuggle Frost in 1900 married William Bridgemen and three of her children were listed as Bridgeman's. Therefore the 1900 Wayne County Census did not show these Frost children correctly. At the time, I had no idea that Elizabeth had remarried.

Another case is more current that deals with Virginia Slagle, I have added a chart below with a note that will show her parents as someone other than the ones listed in the news paper. Dale Jones santaman@ezy.net
Descendants of Bryant Slagle

1 Bryant SLAGLE
.. Ruby DANIEL b: Abt. 1907 Father: William Wesley "Will" DANIEL Mother: Mary E. STEPHENS
......... 2 Virginia "Ginny" SLAGLE b: February 23, 1936 in Wayne Co., KY d: January 1, 2005 in Wayne Co. Hospital
............. Sam "Sambo" DANIELS Father: Esau DANIEL Mother: Ida E. POULSIN
Note for Ginny; According to Ina Allene Edwards Vaughn, the paper "The Wayne County Outlook" got Ginny's (Virginia Slagle) obit wrong. She said, Ruby and Bryant Slagle did raise her. But she can remember when Ginny come to live with them. She was a "great big, little girl" about 10 or 12, she guesses and didn't think Ruby and Bryant ever had any kids but they did raise Ginny. But not sure of the circumstances. She was a child of some of Bryant's family.
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Since I see the Slagles are mentioned here and You seem to have some information on them I am interested in finding an Uncle of mine who has past away by the name of Caleb Slagle. I know he was born in Wayne County on 3 Jun 1921 but i dont know who his parents are. He married My aunt when she was under the age of 16 I know for sure. Caleb has passed away on Apr 1995 in New Castle Ind and I would like to find out information to share with his family. i am pretty close to my cousins.
thank you for any help you can provide.
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YOu can write to KY for the Soc Sec application, it should have his parents listed on that document. Write to IN for the death certificate. I can make a request of other researchers if you e-mail me. I believe we have exchanged info before.
Dale Jones <santaman@ezy.net>

Caleb slagle, born 3JUN1921 in Wayne County, KY
Died Aprl1995 in New Castle,IN
Soc. Sec. #400-26-0695 issued in KY

Social Security Death Index: U.S., 1937-1997


Vital Statistics Office
275 East Main Street
Frankfort, KY 40621-0001

Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday

Phone: (502) 564-4212
Fax: (502) 228-0032

Notes: 1911-present
$9.00 for birth records and $6.00 for death records (as of
February 1997)

Social Security Death Index: U.S., 1937-1997


Division of Vital Records
State Board of Health
P.O. Box 1964
1330 West Michigan St. Room 111
Indianapolis, IN 46206-1964

Phone: (317) 233-1325

Notes: Birth October 1907-present
Death 1900-present
$6.00 for birth records and $4.00 for death records
(as of February 1997)

Re: Caleb SLAGLE

Marilyn Fisher (Visualizza annunci)
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Caleb Slagle was the son of Charles Moah Slagle and Ollie Morgan who married Aug 21, 1920 in Wayne Co, KY. The following is what I have for Caleb's ancestors. Would appreciate if you could send me the name of Caleb's wife.

Direct Descendants of Betsy Slagle

1 Betsy SLAGLE b: September 15, 1820 KY d: December 08, 1900 in Wayne Co, KY Burial: Slagle Cemetery
. +Moses UPCHURCH (not married)
........... 2 Moses SLAGLE b: February 16, 1851 Wayne Co., KY d: April 05, 1925 in Wayne Co., KY Burial: Slagle Cemetery
............... +Elizabeth SLAGLE b: December 15, 1856 Wayne Co, KY d: December 06, 1918 in Wayne Co, KY m: November 05, 1872 in Wayne Co, KY Burial: Slagle Cemetery Father: George W. Slagle Mother: Sarah "Sally" Privitt
......................... 3 Mary Catherine SLAGLE (no spouse found) b: December 1874 Wayne Co, KY d: 1962
....................................... 4 Charles Moah SLAGLE b: August 13, 1902 Wayne Co, KY d: August 01, 1978 in Wayne Co, KY Burial: Elk Spring Cemetery, Wayne Co, KY
........................................... +Ollie MORGAN b: January 07, 1901 d: April 25, 1991 in Wayne Co, KY m: August 21, 1920 in Wayne Co, KY Burial: Elk Spring Cemetery, Wayne Co, KY Father: P.M. "Bud" Morgan Mother: Luellar Davis
..................................................... 5 Caleb SLAGLE b: May 03, 1921 Wayne Co, KY d: April 14, 1995 in New Castle, IN

Re: Caleb SLAGLE

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Caleb was married to my Aunt Edith Jane Morgan. (still living)
she was born 21 feb 1931 Wayne Co Her parents were William Frazer Morgan and Maude Florance Bridgeman.
Since edith is my mom's sister I have alot of information on her and thier family's

Re: Caleb SLAGLE

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I was happy to see your post on this site concerning Caleb Slagle. While my main interest is in the Daniel and Frost famlies I have compiled some info in the Bridgeman and Slagle famlies. I would like to hear from you and hopefully we can share information. I have added a chart about Calebs siblings and his parents. I have very little on their descendants. Best regards, Dale Jones

Descendants of William Frazer Morgan

1 William Frazer MORGAN b: July 15, 1883 in Wayne Co. KY d: February 24, 1966 in New Castle, IN
. +Maude Florence BRIDGEMAN b: February 5, 1900 in Wayne Co. KY m: January 31, 1917 Father: John Mitton "Mitt" BRIDGEMAN Mother: Emiley Florence DANIEL d: February 25, 1983 in New Castle, IN m: January 31, 1917
........... 2 Earl Hanson MORGAN b: March 6, 1918 in Wayne Co. KY d: December 16, 1979 in Wayne Co. KY
........... 2 Ellis Delmar MORGAN b: December 14, 1919 in Wayne Co. KY d: August 21, 1977 in New Castle, IN
........... 2 Lena Bell MORGAN b: October 3, 1921 in Wayne Co. KY d: April 9, 2006 in at home in the Edward¹s Mountain community, Wayne Co., KY
............... +Voicy Marvin MORGAN b: April 13, 1918 in Wayne Co., KY m: November 29, 1941 Father: Archibald MORGAN Mother: Martha Ann STEPHENS d: May 8, 2006 in UK Medical Center, Lexington, KY m: November 29, 1941
........... 2 William Randal MORGAN b: July 24, 1923 in Wayne Co. KY
........... 2 Clarence Wilburn MORGAN b: September 24, 1924 in Wayne Co. KY d: December 8, 1994 in New Castle, IN
........... 2 Kenneth Ray MORGAN b: October 7, 1926 in Wayne Co. KY d: March 11, 1997 in New Castle, IN
........... 2 Jack Arnold MORGAN b: May 22, 1928 in Wayne Co. KY
........... 2 Edith Jane MORGAN b: February 21, 1931 in Wayne Co. KY
............... +Caleb SLAGLE b: May 3, 1921 in Wayne Co., KY Father: Charles Moah SLAGLE Mother: Ollie MORGAN d: April 14, 1995 in New Castle, IN
........... 2 Mildred Maurene MORGAN b: 1932 in Wayne Co. KY
........... 2 Jepp Edward MORGAN b: May 15, 1933 in Wayne Co. KY
........... 2 Emily Allene "Boots" MORGAN b: October 22, 1934 in Wayne Co. KY
........... 2 Cleta Eugene MORGAN b: November 18, 1935 in Powersburg, KY d: July 5, 1990 in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Re: Caleb SLAGLE

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I just signed up for this website and am amazed at the amount of info I've already compliled. Caleb Slagle was my Grandfather. His wife, Edith Jane (Morgan) Slagle is still living in New Castle, IN. I am trying to compile information on both families. I'd be more than happy to collaborate as necessary.

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