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John O'Nan

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I am trying to find the names of the children for Johan and Rebecca Carrico O'Nan. I think they might be the parents of John Hamilton O'Nan.

Re: John O'Nan

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I have three children for John ONAN and Rebecca CARRICO. Further research needed to find other children.

Hamilton ONAN b. abt 1815 in Shelby Co or Hardin Co, Ky (untraced)

Iona ONAN b. abt 1818 probably in Shelby Co, Ky, married Joseph HART on 28 Feb 1840 in Hardin Co, Ky (untraced)

James ONAN b. abt 1825 probably in Shelby Co, Ky. Married Mary Magdalene Clayton in Daviess Co, Ky on 10 Feb 1852.

Some members of the Henry, Shelby, Spencer and Woodford Co, Ky ONAN families moved to Western Kentucky. Since at least one member of this family settled in Western Kentucky, it's possible your John Hamilton ONAN is related to this family. Do you have a date of birth for John Hamilton ONAN?

Barbara O'Nan

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I think my James Hamilton O'Nan is the same as Hamilton O'Nan. James Hamilton was born 1814 and married Mary Margaret McKeirnan Cooms on Sept. 18, 1866 in Knox Co. Il.
I have that he died in 1870 in Iowa, but do believe that he died in Knox Co., Il. I have been having a heck of a time tracing this family and Mary Margaret's. Any help would be appreciated. One of James' daughters, Laura married John Wesley Hopkins.They were married Aug. 3, 1866 in Iowa.

Re: John O'Nan

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I can't help you much with your Illinois or Iowa ancestors, but I do have some information on John ONAN's ancestors. I have not yet researched the John ONAN/Rebecca CARRICO descendants.

Several ONANs settled in and around Union Co, Ky in the early 1800's. Many people living in those western counties went across the river to Illinois to marry, and some may have settled there. All of the ONAN families in Western Kentucky are related to the Henry, Shelby, Spencer and Woodford Co, Ky families. You might be interested to know that Dennis ONAN who married Clarissa BOWLES in Union Co, Ky on 11 May 1823 is the brother of John ONAN who married Rebecca CARRICO who you believe to be the parents of James Hamilton ONAN. It's also interesting that Dennis ONAN and wife Rebecca named a son Dennis "Hamilton" ONAN so this is another clue that your James Hamilton ONAN may be related to these western Kentucky families.

It appears you may be on the right track. Have you found marriage records for James Hamilton ONAN and Mary Margaret McKeirnan Cooms? Those documents might name James' parents. Have you checked cemetery records in Knox Co, IL? It's possible he could have died in Iowa but been buried in Illinois.


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John and Rebecca Carrico O'Nan moved to Knox Co., Il. They are shown in an 1850 census for that county. So this is part of the family that moved from Ky. to Il. John, Rebecca and James H. are all buried at the St. Augustine Cemetery in Knox Co., Il. There it has James birth as 1818. Another researcher sent me a copy of the marriage record for James and Mary Margaret but there is nothing about the parents on it. James is the son of John and Rebecca. I was just checking some of my files, and found out that we have emailed each other over a year ago. I have come up with a little more since then, but am trying to fill in more. The other researcher has come across a book on the McKiernan line and it had some O'Nan information in it. I know there is an O'Nan book but can't find a copy of it. My email is clueless@clnk.com if you would like to contact me direct.

Re: John O'NAN & Rebecca CARRICO, KY > IL

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The daughter who married Joseph HART was Jane ONAN, not "Iona" ONAN.

Joseph HART died 22 Mar 1846 in Hardin Co., KY. We then find Widow Jane (ONAN) HEART living with her parents in the 1850 Census of Knox Co., IL, and then in the same location in 1860 with her widowed mother. Jane's brother J. Hamilton ONAN is also living with them in the 1850 and 1860 censuses; he is age 30 in the former and age 40 in the latter. There's no sign of his having married.

John ONAN & Rebecca CARRICO married 2 Aug 1813 in Shelby [now Spencer] Co., KY. They are then found in the 1820 and 1830 censuses of Shelby/Spencer Co., KY, then the 1840 census of Hardin Co., KY, then the 1850 and 1860 censuses of Knox Co., IL. These censuses show John & Rebecca to have had these children (all born in KY):

01. (Daughter A) ONAN, b. 1813-15
02. (Daughter B) ONAN, b. 1815-20
03. (Daughter C) ONAN, b. 1815-20
04. (Daughter D) ONAN, b. 1815-20
05. J. Hamilton ONAN, b. 1819/20
06. Jane ONAN, b. 1821/2
07. (Son A) ONAN, b. 1820-25, prob. ca. 1824
08. Martha ONAN, b. 1826/7
09. Margaret ONAN, b. 1830/1
10. Elizabeth ONAN, b. 1834/5

"Son A" must be James.

Everything I have is online at my web site in the form of linked family group sheets, which you can hook into from John & Rebecca's page:


I'm afraid I have no information beyond what is online. If anyone feels I've made any errors, please don't hesitate to correct me. My interest here is CARRICO. I'm just trying to fill out Rebecca's family group sheet.

Re: John O'NAN & Rebecca CARRICO, KY > IL

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Hi Diana,

Thank you for the marriage information for Joseph Hart and Jane O'Nan. Do you have their marriage record?

I'm still researching this family line but have found printed secondary information from original sources that state J. Hamilton O'Nan's given name is James.

Spencer Co, Ky was formed in 1824 from parts of Shelby, Bullitt, and Nelson Co, Ky. There are two John O'Nans in the 1820 Shelby Co, Ky census so was wondering if some of the unknown children you have listed for John O'Nan and Rebecca Carrico may belong to John O'Nan and Margaret Lincoln. I still don't have all of John and Rebecca O'Nan's children but do have most of John and Margaret's children from original source records.

John O'Nan, b. abt 1790, and wife Rebecca Carrico lived in Shelby Co, Ky. Although records on the internet show them married in Shelby Co, I have been unable to find the original marriage record in Shelby Co. This John O'Nan appears to be the son of James O'Nan and Elizabeth Lincoln. I don't have a copy of the 1830 Spencer Co, Ky census so don't know if he ever lived in the area of Shelby Co. that later became Spencer Co.

John O'Nan, b. 1773, and wife Margaret J. Lincoln is the other John found in the 1820 Shelby Co, Ky. They lived, and both died in Oct, 1820 in Taylorsville, Spencer Co, Ky from an unknown cause and are buried there. This John O'Nan is believed to be the son of Dennis O'Nan and an unknown mother.

CARRICOs are found in Shelby, Spencer and Henry counties in the early 1800s. The CARRICOs that married into the ONAN families of Shelby & Henry counties appear to be from Charles Co, Maryland. I have very little research on these lines.


Re: John O'NAN & Rebecca CARRICO, KY > IL

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Then use of the same first names within the Onan family has made research very confusing and I would appreciate your guidance.

My great-grandmother was Ora Strange O'nan (1891-1986) m. Jess Joshua Collins (1887-?); they both died in Sturgis, Union, KY

Father of Ora was Dennis O'nan (1841-1928) m. Eliza B (who I believe to be Eliza Blue Ralph (1855-1939)); I have Dennis dying in Franklin, KY and Eliza in Union, KY
this is confirmed by Union Co census of 1900

Ora's siblings are:
James M
Fannie S
Mattie A
Dennis R
Florence B
Walter S
Ralph G
Mary E
Jennings H

In 1870 Dennis was still in Union County working as a farm hand at the Conn's farm (which I believe may be misspelled and should have been Kahn).

In 1860 there is a Dennis in Owen Co., KY; whose mother is listed as Polly with no father listed...but that is a long way from Sturgis, Union Co.

I have a death certificate that I believe to be Dennis that lists Elijah Onan and Matilda Kahn as his parents. Death 8 Jun 1924 in Sturgis.

Any assistance/confirmation you could provide on Elijah or Elisha Onan and of the grandfathers down the line would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Re: John O'NAN & Rebecca CARRICO, KY > IL

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Yes, I have Ora Strange ONAN in my database. Her parents were Dennis ONAN, b. 26 August 1851 in Union Co, Kentucky and died 08 June 1924 in Union Co, Kentucky (not Franklin). Informant was Mrs. T. E. JENKINS (his dau Martha Ann ONAN). I've researched these Dennis ONANs extensively and it is very difficult to keep them straight because all of the ONAN lines had so many sons named Dennis, James, John and William.

Ora's mother was Eliza Blue RALPH, b. 23 November 1855 in Union Co, Kentucky and died 18 November 1939 in Union Co, Kentucky. Their children were:

James William Onan b. 17 October 1875
Fannie Sue Onan b. 10 May 1877
Martha Ann Onan b. 15 December 1883
Dennis Reeves Onan b. 26 September 1884
Florence Belle Onan b. 05 December 1886
Walter Sturgis Onan b. 11 April 1888
Ora Strange Onan b. 12 February 1891
Ralph Jiles Onan b. 16 April 1892
Mary Eliza Onan b. 08 November 1894
Jennings Howe Onan b. 01 February 1897
Edna Earl Onan? b. 20 August 1895, d. 02 June 1896 [I failed to note my source for Edna Earl Onan so can't confirm her as a child in this family, yet.]

Dennis' parents were Elisha Onan, b. 27 September 1816 probably in Shelby/Spencer Co, Ky, and died 29 December 1857 in Union Co, Kentucky. Elisha married Matilda CONN, dau of John CONN. She was b. June 1817, possibly in Jefferson Co, Ky, and died 29 April 1860 in Union Co, Ky. Matilda's first husband was James BEAN.

I have four sons for Elisha and Matilda. There may be more children but I haven't found them, yet!

John Thomas Onan, b. 06 July 1848
James Oscar Onan, b. 08 June 1849
Dennis Onan, b. 26 August 1851
Jo [Joseph?] Onan, b. 08 June 1850 [death cert lists names as 'Jo']

Elisha ONAN's parents were John ONAN and Margaret J. LINCOLN, dau of Thomas LINCOLN and Elizabeth CARSNER. John ONAN and Margaret LINCOLN are buried in St. Benedict's Catholic Cemetery in Spencer County, Ky. Both died in October, 1820.

All Kentucky ONANs are related and some migrated to Illinois and Missouri. The Dennis ONANs in Owen or Franklin Co, Ky are not the same persons as the Dennis in Union Co, Ky. My email address is heritage62 at gmail.com if you wish more information on your lines.


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