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Tallarico relatives from Verzino, Italy...

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Tallarico relatives from Verzino, Italy...

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I'm listing the following Tallaricos, all from the same family, with the hopes there are still some living relatives either in Italy or here in the States...

Domenico Tallarico (abt. 1860) & his wife Maria Bevilacqua had the following children (known...thus far):

-Pasqualina Tallarico (1882), married Giuseppe Ramogida in Italy.
-Vincenzo Tallarico (1889), married Giuseppina Girardi (1887) in Italy. They came to the USA in 1914(these are my husband's great-grandparents).
-Michele Tallarico (1890), barber, came to the USA and married Rose Martoch/Martoccia.
-Domenica Tallarico (1893).
-Maria Assunta Tallarico (1895), married G.M.Vincenzo Scalise (1894) and came to the USA in 1921 (to visit Vincenzo Tallarico) with their son: Salvatore Tallarico (1921).
-Vito Tallarico (1897), barber, came to the USA and married Congetta Balisterri.
-Luigi Tallarico (1900), married Paolina Lauranzano in Verzino, Italy.
-Giuseppe Tallarico (1906), married Eugenia M. Ferraro in Italy.

These are all the known siblings thus far. Up until last year the family (my husband's father included) thought that Vincenzo/Vincent only had two brothers, Vito and Mike/Michele as they were the only ones that were known to have come to the USA, and I guess they never ever mentioned they had siblings back in Italy.

My husband's grandmother, Elizabeth (Tallarico) Sharp never shared any information about her parents or anything that had to do with their life in Italy...sad, but true.

If you or anyone you know is related to any of the Tallaricos mentioned here, please email me at: esharp02@hotmail.com I would love to help put the pieces to the puzzle together!! LOL

Thank you!

Elizabeth (Chicano) Sharp :)

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