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Croney's from Barbados

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Re: Croney's from Barbados

Laureen Mohler Battershill (Visualizza annunci)
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Dear Suzanne, Hi my name is Laureen Mohler Battershill. I have an inquiry. Do you know when your gr grandparents were married. I found a George Chatman King who married a Henrietta Jane Croney on 25 Jul 1872 in St. John. I also found a christening record for a George Chapman 3 Apr 1847 in St. John, parents Michael King and Sarah. I think the Chatman and Chapman are just different spellings or misreading of the same name. I find that alot. George C. King and Henrietta Jane Croney had one daughter christened 2 Feb 1873 in St. John named Emily Augusta King. There could have been more children but records deteriorate or destroyed or lost. My gr grandmother was Margaret Jane Croney daughter of William Francis Croney and Mary Elizabeth Goddard Beale. I have a gr gr uncle was married to a Josephine King about 1890's. My mother was born in Barbados. I believe there is some King's on my grandmother's side also.
Laurie, Chino, CA
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